The Power of Documentation: Simplify Your Insurance Claim with a Comprehensive Home Inventory

This is why having an inventory for your personal property is critical.

Recently, I attended a property tax protest hearing. I learned a lot, and I’m happy with the outcome. Apart from the hearing, I also went to Sea Casa to restock some supplies, and this got me thinking about the importance of having an inventory for my vacation rental. Today I’ll talk about how having an inventory helped me protect my investment property when Hurricane Harvey hit and why you should also do one for your primary residence. 

Feel free to watch the full video above or use these timestamps to browse specific topics at your leisure:

0:00 — Introduction

0:07 — My tax protest hearing went well

1:00 — Vacation rentals require inventory for tax purposes

1:34 — How having an inventory helped when Hurricane Harvey hit

2:32 — Do an inventory for your primary residence for easier insurance claims

3:00 — How you can do it

4:34 — Reach out if you need help

If you’re interested in discussing how we went through that process, knowing the value of your home, or exploring investment properties, feel free to call or email me. I’m always open to talking about real estate or just having a casual conversation.