Protect Your Home Investment: Why Checking Insurance Deductibles Matters

Avoid costly repairs by checking that your home insurance is up to snuff.

I’m up in the attic of a listing that we’re about to close this week. This one got delayed because it needed a second roof, a first in my career where we had to put on a roof due to a bad inspection, and then a week later, a massive hailstorm required yet another new roof.

This situation got me thinking. It’s essential to check your insurance deductibles and understand what to expect in case of a catastrophic storm. For instance, having a 2% deductible on a half-million-dollar house can become quite costly, especially if you’re hit twice. Take some time this fall, when things slow down, to review your insurance documentation, ensure your coverages are in order, and avoid any unexpected surprises.

“Make sure everything is buttoned up properly.”

I’m here in the attic to check on things periodically to make sure everything is in good shape. Contractors can leave a mess behind with cups, trash, and sawdust. By ensuring everything is buttoned up properly, you won’t have to deal with unexpected issues. If you have any real estate or insurance questions, feel free to reach out. I’m here to help and share insights from my field experience.

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