Planning Ahead: Insights Into the Future of the Texas Real Estate Market

A mid-year analysis of the trends we’re seeing in our market.

As we approach the scorching month of July, Texas residents have been experiencing sweltering heat. However, the real estate market in the region hasn’t been as hot as the weather, owing to a combination of factors that have affected its dynamics.

The month of June, in particular, tends to witness a significant decrease in real estate activity due to the prevalence of vacations. Many people choose this time to go out of town, which naturally slows down the market. Additionally, interest rates have played a crucial role in shaping the current state of affairs. May and June saw some individuals facing interest rates as high as 7%, which caused a slight slowdown in activity.

Despite the elevated interest rates, prospective buyers have not been deterred from making their moves and pursuing their plans. While affordability may have been impacted by these rates, there is an overall acceptance of the situation, leading to continued activity. It is worth noting that even with the current 7% interest rates, there is a possibility of increased market movement in July.

“The real estate market in the region hasn’t been as hot as the weather.”

In response to the challenges posed by interest rates, the pricing of properties has adjusted somewhat to accommodate the affordability concerns. Homeowners have adapted to the situation, and there is an expectation of more inventory entering the market during the summer months. As more properties become available, people are likely to grow more comfortable and confident in their decisions to make moves in the real estate market. This gradual shift in supply and demand is anticipated to contribute to a more stable market condition as we head into the fall.

It is important to consider other factors that have impacted the real estate market this year. Insurance rates, for instance, have witnessed significant increases due to the frequency of insurance claims associated with roof damage and other issues. This has added to the overall cost of homeownership, posing additional challenges for potential buyers.

Despite these hurdles, there is optimism regarding the future of the market. With a gradual increase in inventory during the summer months and people becoming more accustomed to the prevailing conditions, it is expected that the market will stabilize and experience more normal inflation as we approach the fall season.

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