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How We’re Improving This Home in Round Rock

We’re fixing up this Round Rock home to sell. Get all the details here.

I’m at a home in Round Rock that we’re preparing to sell, dropping off some waterproof vinyl plank flooring that’s going to run from the kitchen, through the living room, and into the study. Let’s check out this house! Starting at 0:20 in the video above, you can see the property and the improvements we’re making to it.

First, we’ll lay the new flooring, which is the kind that can lay right on top of the linoleum already in place—we’ll just have to lift some carpeting. The carpet in the rest of the home is in pretty good shape, so we’re keeping it in the hallway and bedrooms.

With everything we’re doing, this home is going to look fantastic.

The whole house is getting a fresh coat of paint on the inside, including the kitchen cabinets, which will be an alabaster white. We’re also adding hardware to the cabinets and refinishing the countertops with an epoxy resin that makes it look like stone. Finally, the landscaping is going to need to be cleaned up a bit.

With everything we’re doing, this home is going to look fantastic. This will be an outstanding house for someone; we’re making it turnkey beautiful. The property has a park and basketball court right behind it. It’s a single-story with four bedrooms, or three bedrooms and a study, in a good neighborhood. The price is yet to be determined.

If you’re considering selling your home, we’re your team. Even if you’re just looking to add a few things to your house, we’re happy to refer you to the people we trust to do work for us. We see home upgrades regularly and know a ton of contractors that can help. Call or email us if you have any questions or needs. We’d love to speak with you.