Getting a Custom Cabinet for a Client

A quick update on my latest renovation project and its custom cabinet.


Today I’m sharing a story from a renovation I’m working on for a client. They wanted a custom cabinet for their bathroom, and fortunately this wasn’t an issue because I have a friend who could make the cabinet to his specifications. It was pouring rain when we transferred it, but luckily we were able to cover up the piece so there was no damage.

If you check out 0:41 in the video, you can see the custom cabinet. It was necessary to have this custom-made because there’s a side door taking up wall space and the plumbing is sticking out awkwardly.

Check out 1:54 in the video for a short tour of the renovation. It’s a work in progress, but I think it’s clear that it will end up being something really special when we’re done with it.

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