Don’t Let Vacant Properties Drain Your Wallet: Learn How To Care of Your Investment

Do this to keep your real estate investment in the best condition.

I’m currently checking one of my vacant properties, which is on the market for an extended period due to the current slower real estate market. It’s essential to remember that unoccupied homes can face issues. Ensure that P-traps in sinks remain filled with water, and prevent the possibility of mosquito larvae breeding in stagnant toilet bowls. Also, be sure to flush toilets and run water in all sinks. This advice applies whether you have a large house, use only one bathroom, or have a busy schedule.

If you leave a sink or a toilet unused for a while, it can lead to freezing and potential sewer gas issues. Ensure that you maintain water flow in your home by running showers, sink drains, and flushing toilets every few weeks.

For those with vacant properties, it’s a good idea to check on them, especially now that the market is slower. The weather has cooled off, which is a relief, and I can finally enjoy my convertible with the top down.

“If you leave a sink or a toilet unused for a while, it can lead to freezing and potential sewer gas issues.”

The real estate market has cooled off as well, with houses sitting on the market for longer periods. As we approach the end of the year, some homeowners are considering taking their properties off the market and potentially renting them out for three to six months to wait for the market to improve.

With interest rates at a 20-year high, potential buyers are cautious, and the market is sluggish. If you have any real estate-related questions or want to discuss real estate with me, feel free to reach out for a conversation over coffee, a Zoom call, or a quick phone call or text message. I’m here to help with any inquiries.

Also, as we transition into the fall season, take time to enjoy with your family and have some fun. Remember to balance work and play.