Another Example of Great Inspection Work

Here’s an example of why you should trust your home inspector’s report.


In this edition of “Another Day in Real Estate,” I’m at a property measuring the tile in a shower. My clients just closed on this house, but during the inspection, the inspector filled the shower pan up with hot water and used a heat gun to detect a small leak that was coming down through the floor. 

The seller agreed to fix it, but the plumber who came out to look at it couldn’t find anything. We inspected it again and found the leak. You can tell when the hot water hits the ceiling by using the heat gun in the video above. We cut a hole, and it was definitely leaking. We negotiated a great concession to pay for the repair, and I’m going to have the guys fix this shower for the homeowner.

“We inspected a second time and confirmed the leak.”

Little things like this always come up during inspections. That’s why you want to check and double-check the inspection items. You don’t want something to surface later that’s going to be a problem for you. It’s much easier to address maintenance issues before you close on a property.

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