Anchoring a Shed in Round Rock

Today I’m at the site of a home we’re getting into market-ready shape here in Round Rock. More specifically, I’m filming from an accompanying (and really awesome) shed that, as of now, is situated on a concrete slab.

Because the shed isn’t anchored, it’s considered an accessory and is movable. By anchoring the shed, though, it’ll become part of the home’s real property and we can assign a value to it, which is what we intend to do today.

Admittedly, the weather isn’t cooperating much, but we’re doing the job, nevertheless; sometimes you have to do a little extra to get a little extra.

Using Simpson-brand strong-ties as seen at 1:10 in the video, I drilled the shed to the concrete base. Keep watching until 3:18 to see the full anchoring process in action.

Thanks for tuning in for just another day in real estate! As today’s video would suggest, sometimes it’s all about having the right tools for the job.

If you know someone who would like help with doing a little extra to extract a lot more money out of their home sale, we’d be happy to take a look at it and do a price-adjusted CMA on the property. I’m here to help!