We Are Testing an Innovative Marketing Strategy in Real Estate

We are excited to begin playing with this marketing strategy.

Now that the market has softened and listings are staying on the market a little bit longer, everyone in real estate has to adjust and do things differently. This has given us a unique opportunity to test market some new and innovative strategies. Our goal is to draw more attention to our listings.

We are going to try building a blog post as a single-property website. Single-property websites are great and directing people to them allows for expanding on property information, all the stuff that wont fit in the MLS or on most publicly facing websites to keep them light and fast. I think we can achieve the same thing with a blog post. However the blog has an advantage. The blog already has search engine optimization traction from all the other content flowing through it. It also allows us some additional means of getting the information out. 

When you search for products online, ads for them often appear on other platforms. We bet you have experienced that! Wouldn’t it be cool if we could make that happen with our listings? We are going to create blog posts for our listings to launch this off of.

Here is a first draft example:

If you have any feedback on this or ideas you want us to try, let us know! Call or email us anytime with your questions and comments. We are always looking for ways to add more value for our clients.